Kama Taratcha

from by Kim Jong Ill

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You wanna shake it about.
You take the phone of the dresser.
And now your time’s running out.
You learn a skeleton lesson.
Would you take its place?
Hop up on a dirigible.
She’s into outer space
and her notes are illegible,

Worried that the lecher is coming to get ya.
The feelings of regression I don’t need to mention.
Afraid of the infection. Past the fear of recession to the


Come on I got you. Basta, get off you.
Long in the tooth. Hasta manana.
Do you want the truth?
Shock the mandala,
cause I gots ta sleuth for the


He stacks at 4 figures.
He’s back and more bigger.
He’s jacked a full figure
in wax and pulled triggers.
A saccharine cigarette
after he’s figured it out.
Now he’s living without
the full rhythm his spouse
is just killin' him, he’s deader'en the truth.
He got a mouth full of fingers,
for yer fist full of tooth
and he traded his proof
to find the fountain of youth
at the Kamataracha!

She hails from down south.
A whale fit in a mouse.
on a trail right to the stout
with lightning in her mouth.
If you’re frightened by the sound
then you’re not ready to pounce
on the Kamataratcha!

Just sane enough to say


from The Get Down, released October 16, 2015




Kim Jong Ill Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kim Jong Ill is a Philly-area Electro Rock/Hip-Hop act with a sense of humor. In purple and yellow outfits, they blast poppy, gritty, and sometimes experimental music at the audience with a force and enthusiasm that's hard to ignore. Armed with vocal effects and a myriad of sounds, they create songs that are easy to enjoy, but difficult to classify. ... more

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